Wednesday, March 22, 2017


There is something powerful about the woman!
 I wanted to take the time out to celebrate another sweet and powerful woman of God in Ministry who has impacted my life, my family and my ministry. Your efforts were never wasted and I say thank you. 

Pastor Dupe, is like a mother to me. She is one of my spiritual mothers and I am her very daughter 😊. Always on the look out to help and celebrate God's gift. Countless times, she goes above and beyond. No wonder she is an excellent Pediatrician. This awesome woman is also married to an awesome Pastor and they have beautiful children. So, once again, she's the entire package and does it excellently. Mentoring women and children by Grace.

Today, I wanted to delve into some lessons learned in my devotion, during the course of the week. In the book of Luke 2, I was able to compare two vital factors. It is possible for you to eat and drink in the sanctuary from all the consecrated bowls and still have no idea who God is, in fact, have zero faith in His word or what He can do and take it for granted. 

Zechariah was a priest who had served God all his life and was so comfortable to the point that when he was finally visited by the Angel Gabriel who stands directly before God to confirm answers to his prayer, he doubted and received a punishment for his doubt/unbelief.
God had to teach him a lesson. Not members of the sanctuary but God himself. Members could clearly see that he was dumb and automatically knew he had encountered God. That alone sent fear into their hearts or humbled them.

But there was a woman, a virgin, a woman named Mary, who would become the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. In those times, women were not allowed to serve in the temple and were removed far from all priestly duties, but something unique happened in Mary's days. All protocols stood still and the female specie was honored and elevated before God. Think about it. It was kind of a turning point in ministry for all women. 
Women didn't need to be in the temple to receive God's visitation πŸ’ƒπŸ½. She was in fact, visited by the Angel Gabriel. She instantly considered the words in her mind and believed it. She had tremendous faith after hearing it and proceeded to visit her Cousin.
This part made me take a pause, think, sit, spin, dance around in tongues. I wonder what other women were busy doing other than doing chores all the time in their husband's house. But Mary wasn't even in a husband's house and yet she received God's call to service. So, women! Do you get the Memo! 

Both parties (Zechariah in the temple and Mary the handmaiden) were indeed blessed and God's word must be fulfilled, whether  we believe in it or not. When we try to stand in the way with our unbelief and over familiarity, we will receive consequential punishment. When we receive God's word, it is important to position ourselves in faith. 
The difference between men and women, in this case, is very clear. Generally speaking, men are more logical and tend to question the "logic in the supernatural", while women are emotional and believe in  the possibilities of anything. 

As a woman, married or unmarried, you have a role. In your home, married women, your husband is favored because of you. The Lord will always freely speak to you because of your heart especially when your husband cannot receive it. It is important for a woman to seek God's face for her family. This is why the woman holds the home and receives the vision for where the home should be, but the man must take the lead. This explains why women can get frustrated when they don't see the picture of what they think it should look like. This is where patience and endurance comes in. Single women, you are a beacon meant to shine light to others, not just on yourself. Enjoy being favored of God until the right one shows up or nah 😜. No big deal right.

Lesson 1: Do not be quick to judge men/women of God, they are God's chosen and whatever they learn, they learn directly from God. God is capable of either temporarily or permanently punishing them as He deems fit).

Lesson 2: Women are swift to hear and adept to believe words. It is both our strength and weakness. Because of Mary's faith in what the Lord said, she was indeed blessed.

Once again, Pastor Dupe, you are loved and cherished. I celebrate you greatly for the faith you have demonstrated and following God whole heartedly.

Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We are still celebrating Women in Ministry and I am mostly excited about this woman, one I can confidently call Mentor. My Pastor and Pastor's wife. A woman of honor and dignity. A woman who makes me proud as a young woman. A spirit filled woman and humble to the core. She is a pharmacist and currently an Associate Professor and Dean.

Before I even begin with her, let me ask a personal question. As a woman, be honest, what drives you? I ask this question because there are many lost women driven by wind tides and struggle to find their balance in the world.
I can tell you this much, if your core is not centered on God and His word, you are going to find yourself drowning in situations.
If you depend on marriage to make you fulfilled, on the days you're at the lowest or you are in disagreement with your spouse, you will quickly find yourself LOST.
If you are single and well established, on your lowest days, you would feel empty and lonely...
So, again. what drives you as a WOMAN?

No one answer is correct or incorrect. I think it's a meddle of all three. When I look at the past, I'm tempted to say, maybe if this had happened this way, it could have been different, but then I realize soon enough that I wouldn't be the Kemi Gwan I am today.  So, I revert back to acceptance mode to work with the present. Speaking of the present, the one place you and I have control over. The decisions I make right now will have an exponential effect on the future. Experience gained from my past is what helps me to sustain today. So, you see that they are intertwined.

We are the custodians of our experiences and what we choose to do with them. The relationships that God blesses you with, how do you handle them? Does an experience from the past cause you to shut the front door or occasionally peep from the window?

I remember when I met Pastor Toyin, my guards were up. Don't blame a sister, I have had my share of abuse in the ministry, most especially from Pastor's wives. 
I was defensive and I think I just took offense at every thing she tried to say because I just thought she was judging me. LOL. Little did I know that majority of the problem was my own insecurities and hurt.

As women, majorly driven by our emotions, we make assumptions and conclude about the wrong things. I dare say this because I have realized that especially in marriage. We assume because it looks like this, then it's it. Examples: I greeted her, and she answered with a muffled tone. I saw her staring me down, so she doesn't like me. She's jealous of me because I am married and she's not. I am more favored than she is, so she's jealous of me. Notice the trend in all those assumptions? They focus on "ME." The problems with these assumptions is they prevent you from enjoying relationships and pure friendships.

When God started with me, this was no joke, I humbled myself. God straight up told me I am connected to her and I have to move closer to her (Pastor Toyin) to get what I need to move ahead in Ministry. I then started wondering where or how I was to start without looking like a groupie.
If you know my Pastor's wife, she is not the typical Pastor's wife. She is book-smart and an academician to the core. Actually, let me flaunt her a little (I can picture her doing this πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ). I'm talking major role model type of woman, yet she is the most humble Pastor's wife/woman I have ever encountered.

Sometimes our experiences aren't meant to make us shut the door of our hearts but to actually open it wider. I have never ever met a more secure cheerleader like her. Very grounded in herself and loves to lift others up. I realize that in order to lift others up, you must be heavily secure and I have no doubt that hers comes from the Lord and a supportive husband. 

I could not possibly have started a movement about celebrating women if I had not seen it demonstrated by this woman of God. She made me believe that as women, we have each other and should look out only for the best in others. If I had given up and not let her in, being on guard and shut my heart, there would have been absolutely no growth for me and I would have remained bitter. In fact, I am glad I took the step to constantly water the relationship I have with her. I have applied this same principle to every relationship that surrounds me. I have to thank my husband for always prodding me to see things as they are when I am sometimes caught up in my emotions.

With that said, we have utmost CONTROL right now! Do something about it. Relationships don't just happen, they are worked out, watered and bred to your satisfaction.

I celebrate you Woman of God for being who you are always! I love you so much and Thank You for showing me you care about me.

Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It is a lovely day to celebrate Women's Day, so Happy Women’s Day Women!
We Celebrate all the phenomenal women out there doing their thing. God bless your muscle to continue the hustle πŸ˜πŸ€—.

This month we're continuing with some of the amazing women in Ministry and I am truly excited about this mentor of mentors! She exudes excellence with a gallant poise.
Many women and homes have been blessed because she chose to follow God.

Following God might seem like an easy Sunday to Sunday activity but I tell you it is more than that. It requires a lifetime of service that most people often struggle accepting. So, when I see men and women who are sold out to their calling especially in Ministry, I am super encouraged as a young woman in Ministry. 

For this Woman of Grace, I have the utmost respect and admiration. I am one of those who gets nostalgic just watching how she carries herself, her husband, her children and her Ministry. She is effortlessly down to earth when speaking on issues concerning women. Her drive and passion for women to pray over their children is magnetic.

I have known Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo,
 practically since I was a child. Grew up with her children and I know the authenticity of what she carries. I am encouraged to also raise children after God's own heart because when you meet her children, you have to give kudos to this excellent woman.

Mama Funke Felix-Adejumo was the first African woman preacher I saw on television teach married women to please their husbands in every way imaginable. She and a very few women are women in ministry who wear a rare kind of happiness serving God, her home and everywhere else. 

I am that woman who believes you can't give what you don't have. If you don’t practice what you preach, it is only a matter of time before your words come back to haunt you either publicly or privately. 

Caring for family first is the first part of Ministry. Catering to your spouse is in fact the very core of Ministry. Neglecting this order and chasing Ministry outwardly eventually has its consequences. This order is in fact what I desire to master as a woman. Pursuing purpose while caring for family, creating the perfect balance.

I cannot neglect the total trust in God to show us the path of life. I must seek God to find my path and stay in that path. Not get carried away with my own agenda, but staying the course. Caring for family cannot also be the excuse for women not to find their purpose on the earth. Striking the perfect balance between both family and purpose is what makes you a Proverbs 31 woman!

Mama Funke was at my Church recently and she was speaking about all the number of things she has on her plate, not to mention that she is a Grandmother. Have you seen her though?? Hot is the word! 
Ok, but my point is having a lot to do is not the definition of busy. You can be busy doing NOTHING or you can be busy doing the RIGHT THING. 
Thank God for Women like Mama Funke who are the epitome of what a Godly woman looks like, sounds like, prays like…..

Be a woman who makes a difference in her home first and then the rest of the world.

Live, Love, Laugh

Kemi Gwan.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



This whole month we will be celebrating some Women in Ministry!

First on our list is Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye. 
I would like to think that this phenomenal woman has had a superb impact in many women's lives as she has had in mine. It is hard to put into words the respect I have for such a mighty humble woman.

While growing up, her husband Pastor E.A Adeboye seemed like the more famous one and little references were made to his wife. I remember wondering what she must look like and how she dealt with all that Ministry with her husband. I wondered if she had a calling or she was just a support system. As a child, you know so little and understand so little.

Then, about three or four years ago, she was going to be the speaker at a women's convention in Atlanta. My mom and I made our way there and my life has not been the same. Pastor Mrs Adeboye awoke a giant in me. I said some dangerous prayers that affected my destiny because of her light and the words that flowed out of her lips. It felt like I had been searching for that connection my whole life and as I stood in my spot, receiving those words, I knew it was preordained for me to be at that meeting.

I learned that day that she has been the pillar of Papa Adeboye's Ministry all these years and it humbled me that she was not anxious to be seen or you know... how humans, especially women, clamor for recognition. She had carefully carried and still carries out her role with wisdom and endures many experiences both good and bad. 

She shared that it was not always sweet in marriage or handling both marriage and Ministry, but she knew how to pray and rely on God. Prayer and so much more trust in the Holy Spirit is what now works for me altogether in life. It helps to know that it is not always about me but the plan of God.

Yesterday during our nightly vigil, we were overwhelmed studying about how God orchestrates destiny, fellowship and ministry. Sometimes, as people we miss the whole point by thinking it's about us, but in the entirety, it isn't. In ministry especially, we must be careful. Our part might be just to support, or to be supported. However big or small the role we play appears to be, we must remember that we are still just vessels designed to play a part. We must not be carried away with the temptation of making Ministry about us.

Sometimes women in ministry don't ask to play that role as Pastors or Pastors' wives. Some struggle with it for a long time, because perhaps, they just wanted a normal life for themselves. For me, for a long time, I wanted to be a Medical Doctor and be married with beautiful children, but the whole time, God kept teaching me that it is not about what I want or think it should be. Maybe you are struggling with that at the moment, my prayer for you is that you'll yield as soon as possible because there is a better and greater plan ahead, that with time and appropriate understanding, it would make sense.

Fortunately for us, we have great examples like Mama Folu who yielded to the ultimate plan of God. Imagine quickly what could have happened if she refused to support her husband in Ministry. We definitely wouldn't have this structured R.C.C.G. When I then heard her personally speak about missions to deserted territories, where Christianity is not permitted, and how God paved the way to minister to souls and planted churches in places I don't even dream of going at the moment, it humbled me.

Mama Folu Adeboye is not just a decorated Pastor's wife, but a woman who does the work behind the scenes. I am not saying every Pastor's wife is called to be behind the scenes, but perhaps yours is in front of the scenes, it still helps to know that it will never be about any of us or our roles. It is about GOD and HIS PURPOSE.

So, today, I bless God for you Mama Folu Adeboye! You are a gem and a beautiful woman who honors the Lord and your husband, in all the best ways imaginable. You make Ministry and Marriage a beauty to behold. Thank you for leading the way in love and in morality. 

Live, Love, Laugh
Kemi Gwan.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I read through an article and a scripture yesterday that solidified what I will be writing today. This one is to every woman, young and old, born and hopefully unborn. 
I honestly hate sounding like a broken record, but there is efficacy in repetition of solid words. It transforms, heals and channels growth in an individual.

I have seen people try to encourage others not to get carried away by looking at the glamor that others post on social media. Statements like they don't post their fights and ugly moments in their marriages, only the positive ones. 
Hmmn.. let's take a look at it this way for a second.
Life is full of moments, beautiful, ugly, light and dark moments. It is true that fewer ugly and darker moments are ever shared or talked about, but also because such moments are shortened either by a divorce eventually or someone chooses to cover in love, so you see they never actually last a life time. What we choose to do with them makes the difference.

So..... In your dark moments what do you do?
Do you complain to someone else?
Do you sulk about it?
Do you keep it to yourself ?
Do you become bitter or better from it?
Do you pray and surround your heart with truth and wisdom?

Can I just say, dark moments are inevitable! Are you ready and prepared for them is the question???

For married women and those who aspire to one day get married, you need know the importance of praying for wisdom. Winning the battle effectively on your knees; as prayer the most powerful resource on the planet. The moment you chose to get married, you took on the responsibility to build A Monument! You are responsible from the foundation to the lintel. If you're building a skyscraper, you already know how much time and resources it will cost you.

“EVERY WISE woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.”
Proverbs 14:1 

In my marriage, I have had to constantly stoop and learn to align myself into my role as a wife to my husband. This is the most important part of marriage. I can be a boss or a CEO anywhere else but in my marriage, someone else is my boss and CEO.

A typical example recently was us deciding how to care our kids. My hubby and I got into an argument because I chose my way of pacifying our son over allowing him to be a father in that moment. You might smile and say that's not an issue, but it was our issue and little issues will become mighty issues if you don't get on your knees quickly and humble yourself.
I was wondering how this little issue had turned my life upside down in a quick moment. As I prayed, I realized the power was in my hand yet again to structure and build, to be better instead of allowing my ego, my emotions and my way to win. By allowing myself to be bitter and pulling down my house with my own hands. 

A wise woman:
Chooses love; love covers a multitude of offense ❤️
Chooses to pray for her husband πŸ™πŸΎ
Chooses her words carefully πŸ€”
Chooses to apologize even when she's right πŸ‘πŸΎ
Chooses her hubby as her bestie πŸ‘«
Chooses to be better than bitter 😑
Chooses to be honest when she makes a mistake πŸ€₯
Chooses to make time for her husband over the children πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦‍πŸ‘¦

The list goes on and on, but I thrive in my marriage to continue to build and be happy. I refuse to be an unhappy woman. 

Marriage is not for everyone, so for those who will never get married, those who aren't married yet and those who don't look forward to it, here's my two cents also. Wisdom is profitable. It keeps you grounded. It will help you build a life worthy of emulation. CEO or COO! Work hard at being wise. It will draw light to everything you set your heart to do.

Wisdom only comes from God though. You ask and receive. It does not come by age or experience at all. If that were the case, many women would learn wisdom at the very first bad experience they had. Be not only wise, be humble.  

A wise woman is a humble woman!
A wise woman knows the difference between submission and subjugation. 
A wise woman knows that love goes around and comes around eventually!

Live, Love, Laugh

Kemi Gwan.